Are you tired of memorizing and writing passwords ?

Nowadays, in most of the applications and websites, the use of credentials, pins or passwords is mandatory.

Occasionally, websites, usernames or even passwords are forgotten. In other cases we just simply tired of writing again and again our passwords.

By using Enigma, you do not need to write or memorize passwords

Are your passwords secure enough ?


Most of us tend to setup passwords related to our personal life so they can be easily remembered (e.g. date of birth, favorite color, ...). Unfortunately these type of passwords are very insecure and easily broken by hackers.

However, other people, more concerned with their security, used multiple complex passwords. Those passwords are usually very difficult to remember, therefore, people end up writing them in a piece of paper or storing them in text files or other media with ease of access.

By using Enigma, passwords are secure and inaccessible

Manage your passwords in the digital life

Enigma advantages


Safely store usernames, passwords and private data.

Many applications

Manage your credentials and log into local applications as well as websites.

Easy to use

All you need to authenticate is your computer and your smartphone

How it works ?


Enigma works under the security paradigm of triple authentication:

  • "Something that I know" (my password)

  • "Something that I own" (my smartphone)

  • "Who I am ?" (my fingerprint)

Enigma consists of two parts, a manager of passwords and private information that runs on your computer, and a mobile application that runs on your smartphone and authorizes all operations.

The management of passwords and private information is performed by FPS™ technology. In first place the information is encrypted, then is fragmented and finally the fragments are stored between your computer and your smartphone, that way, the information is inaccessible to hackers.

If your computer has been broken, the information cannot be recovered, as a part of fragments are stored in your smartphone.

Likewise, if your smartphone has been broken, the information cannot be recovered, as a part of fragments are stored in your computer.

On the other hand, if your computer and your smartphone are hacked, the information cannot be recovered as it´s needed to be restored and decrypted in a specific way.


FPS™: Fragmented Passwords Storage is a technology designed to store private information with the highest security standards. It does have a combination of several algorithms of encryption, compression and fragmentation that is stored in such a way that, in the end, the information is encrypted, divided and dispersed.

How do I use my Enigma ?


Your computer and smartphone must be paired and connected by Bluetooth. When you are managing your credentials and your private information, the mobile application will request you to give your authorization by verifying that you are the owner of your smartphone through the mechanism of security you have defined (pin, pattern, fingerprint...). In addition, by using the autologin browser extension, the manager application can automatically authenticate on your websites.


See the demo

Anything else ?

Safe Passwords

You can generate your own secure passwords to log into your applications and websites.

Autologin Extension

You can use the Google Chrome Extension to automatically authenticate on your websites without typing credentials.

Security Backup

You can save your private information backups, both on your computer and smartphone, and import into another computer or smartphone.

Get it now !


Enigma Device App coming soon!